Oliver Weingarten


Oliver Weingarten studied Law and German at Strathclyde University, before going to Manchester Metropolitan University where he converted to English Law and obtained a Masters in Arts in Sports Law. In 2004, Oliver qualified as a Solicitor at Olswang, and moved to the Premier League as a Legal Services Executive where the role grew organically into a General Counsel role, with responsibility for commercial and intellectual property issues. In 2011, Oliver was appointed Secretary General of the Formula One Teams’ Association, and upon its dissolution in 2014, set up OWA. In October 2014, Oliver was also appointed General Secretary of the Formula E Teams’ Association, and was tasked with forming the inaugural Association.



FOTA (2011 – 2014)

Commercial and Strategic Overview

  • Drafted, obtained consensus amongst the Teams and implemented agreed policy (governance issues, Factory Shutdown, cost control).
  • Facilitated commercial agreements (Tyre Supplier, Circuits).
  • Coordinated Concorde Agreement negotiation – drafted discussion paper on all issues, instructed and liaised with external advisors, and obtained majority Team consensus to present a “position paper”.
  • Audited provision and cost of facilities at all Circuits.
  • Management of F1 stakeholders, including liaison with the governing body.


Promotional Activities

  • Proposed initiatives to promote and develop F1, including organising fans’ forums which gave an opportunity for fans to engage with the sport.
  • Conducted Fan Survey.
  • Engaged with Governments/Embassies to showcase F1 and jobs, technology, and value to the economy.
  • Analysed F1, how it should be better developed, and plan for the future, looking at best betway review and out with the sport.
  • Initiated sustainability and carbon reduction programmes (Trucost, FIA Institute).


Premier League (2004-2011)

Commercial Agreements and Contractual Experience

  • Drafted and negotiated central Agreements (e.g. Barclays, Wrigley, Nike, Topps) as part of the commercial cycle.
  • Negotiated contracts and thereafter involved in management of biennial event, Asia Trophy.
  • Responded to internal and external queries in relation to domestic and international audio-visual, mobile, radio and internet clip Agreements.
  • Involved in sales process of radio rights and managed radio licensees and picking mechanism.

Protection of Broadcasting Rights

  • Formulated anti-piracy strategy and enforced copyright in the criminal and civil courts (UK and worldwide) to protect Premier League revenues.
  • Initiated class action against Google and YouTube in the US.
  • Educated law enforcement agencies.
  • Managed external agencies, provided prosecution support to the authorities, drafted witness statements and regularly provided evidence in Court (on the Premier League’s rights structure).


  • Secretariat of internal Media and IP Working Group comprising Chief Executive and senior management to discuss strategy on all the issues endangering the Premier League’s core values.
  • Formulated communications strategy on IPR.
  • Mandated to represent the Premier League in domestic and international organisations and coalitions (CBI, Alliance Against IP Theft, Creative Coalition, US Sports Coalition).
  • Represented the Premier League and Sports Rights Owners Coalition in regular meetings with Ministers and officials in the UK, and within Europe, China and Israel (Ministry of Justice) on IP related issues.
  • Attended UK party conferences, initiated meetings with potential party candidates, and briefed Special Advisors.
  • Conducted presentations at the European institutions to Member States.
  • Presented to 300 Latin American and Caribbean Government and copyright officials in Mexico.
  • Key figure (on behalf of sport) in respect of the Digital Economy Act.

Sports Rights Owners Coalition (“SROC”) (2008-2011)

  • Instrumental in foundation of SROC and was Secretariat (and Chair from time to time) of 40 international sports organisations, lobbying for recognition of the value of sport from Governments worldwide and WIPO and the European Union.
  • Organised the regular meetings, drafted correspondence to European and worldwide institutions, liaised with sports organisations worldwide, and trade associations
  • Lobbied and attended meetings within the European Institutions.
  • Managed campaigns and chaired a meeting of the Council of Ministers at a SROC event in Brussels.